Like Fire in the Rain

Like Fire in the Rain

Yes, the topic I will be discussing is Fire in the Rain.

This is just an off topic random thing I just thought of.

Fire in the Rain seems like an oxymoron to me.

On one side you have Fire which seems to be unstoppable or hard to control. Then again, Fire can be used in a figure of speech where they speak positively about having the passion, drive or desire to achieve something or then again “Joe is on fire today”, so it can be referred to

Then the other side you have Rain, Rain reminds me of sorrow and feeling miserable. The first thing that came to mind when I thought of rain just now was the weather at the start of the film called Girl from Rio. Hugh Laurie who plays a banker in the film has to endure miserable London weather before setting off to sunny Rio.

The funny thing is this entire post is not meant to be talking about the weather lol. It refers to a cool and amazing adventure I had with an irish girl (which I will discuss later on in this blog).

The title of this blog refers to a song lyric by Mans Zelmerlow, (he is one of my favourite artists to listen to).


So the music video starts off with a young ambitious male traveller (like myself) who wants to explore the world on his own, he appears frustrated or disappointed because he has no one to share his ambitions with. Then, he sits inside the cafe and a girl stops just outside and offers him a lift on her motorbike (or scooter) and hop on to an adventure and fall in love. Then it ends with the traveller waiting outside her apartment (or pretty much stalking her) and it ends up with the girl flying away.

I’m not downbeat on the whole experience, I know that LOVE will comeback to me at the right moment and hope to connect with the RIGHT person.

The GIRL won’t know how lucky she will be.

On that note, I thought the song below felt romantic.






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