Where To Begin

Where To Begin

I’m not really sure Where To Begin. This was a blog that I was meant to publish over a month ago. Here it goes:

  • I’ve heard back from V&A but the process is taking agies to sort out.

I recently joined Match (dating site) to find a match to try again. The most important thing is not give up on hope these days. Things happen for a reason so I am going to get back on my feet and start again. I’ve not been offered a permanent job for over three years. I can see that people are giving up on me, I can just tell by their body language.

I’ve had a number of job interviews, the most notable one was the one at Wembley Stadium, it was my first opportunity to visit the stadium and I would have loved to work there in some capacity.

My birthday is in a month’s time, set your clocks for that. I have no real major plans for it but I am planning on buying three football shirts that represent the teams I support with my name on the back of it.

Congrats to England Cricket team for winning against Bangladesh in the ODI series, it is a tough situation to be in but I think England’s decision to go to Bangladesh should entice fellow countries to go on the same path. My prediction was that I hoped England will go out and win the test series but it turned out to be 1-1. It should prepare them well for the next tour of India. I would have loved to have the opportunity to visit India for the test series because I am quite fond of cricket myself. It is going to be in my upcoming bucket list.

In my earlier post this year, I mentioned my love of Craig David. He has a good vibe going right now. I love his version of Fill Me In 2016. I just find out the title for that song, I won’t spoil it for you guys. Just sampling his album called ‘Following My Intuition’ on iTunes, I love ‘Ain’t Giving Up’ (it’s very chilled and surprised it’s short), ‘When The Baseline Drops’, ‘One More Time’ and ‘Like A Fan’. I particularly like the next song I put on my blog and the song is nothing I’ve heard in a long time. But again, Craig David is a GENIUS.

I love listening to current music as a whole (apart from country). I literally put on faces when listening to music before the 80s, it’s a different timeframe of music back then so I respect that. Although when I was watching UFC 203, I liked listening to Mickey Gall’s entrance music of ‘Hey Mickey’, it can be addictive.





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