Optimistic and Hopeful

Optimistic and Hopeful



This weekend …….

How would I describe it?

It’s been thrilling really.

Loads have happened.

  • AC Milan winning 4-1 away against Empoli
  • The Lakers got back to winning ways against Atlanta Hawks
  • Started my first day volunteering at V&A

Just want to start off by saying that I am delighted with getting offered a permanent job, it has taken about three years to have an employer say “I offer you this position”. I instantly accepted the position, it didn’t take long to come to that conclusion. I am yet to hear a starting date but I hope the verbal agreement comes to a written agreement.

Having said that, I am a little disappointed that this event has occurred at an unfortunate time. It is part of life that we make our own sacrifices. As part of accepting the position, I am going to no longer be working with the Church of England on an ongoing project that will last till June next year, I started the work beginning of September, even though I have been there for the best period of three months, I have learnt a lot and developed my skills that I can use and take onto my future employment. I was able to learn how to coordinate a team, written loads of professional emails, booked and arranged meetings, taking minutes etc. I was also supposed to start volunteering with Imperial War Museums, I conducted the training a fortnight ago so it’s just unfortunate about the timing. I may do a small amount of volunteering before I start.

The only voluntary work that hasn’t been affected is the weekend work I’ve started at V&A. I am a highly ambitious and want to face bigger challenges and to a busier environment. In fact, the V&A was very busy indeed this past Saturday. I started the past Saturday and it brought a few challenges. The first challenge which was obvious at the time was that I hadn’t been a regular visitor at the V&A so I started off getting lost finding the main entrance. I then met a volunteer who originally comes from Italy who showed me round the behind the scenes areas. I had to think off my feet some of the times when visitors were approaching for directions but that is basically what is expected. I was left to wonder around the V&A for the duration of an hour which was a good experience. I was wandering through the rooms and going to various staircases just to get a general idea of which is which, the whole museum is a complete maze. If you are ever going to the V&A or a museum of that magnitude I would suggest buying a map lol. During my time wondering around, I introduced myself to some of the staff and they were very nice. I browsed around the Underwear exhibition, although I’m not really into much fashion, it was quite nice seeing the exhibition. The advantage of working in the V&A is that I can get access to the exhibitions that the V&A hold in the main museum. I will look to see if I can get a sniff of getting to see the Pink Floyd exhibition when it starts in May next year. But that is why I’m just glad to be associated with the V&A, because I want to see what is out there, learn from the best and build a network of contacts from there.



One thing I’m not going to do is settle on my laurels. Just because I’ve been offered a permanent job, that’s it isn’t it? Well both internally and externally I will be looking for opportunities to prosper. I have been fortunate in my voluntary work is have a whole set of skills, that it’s both valuable to myself and the organisations I work in.

Time for my recommended song of the week:

I have chosen On Fire by Luke Bond feat Roxanne Emery. If you don’t know already, I am a big fan of Gareth Emery. The reason why I chose this song, I just love trance songs but when I first heard it, it sounded amazing and couldn’t get enough of the track. I have repeated this song twice just as I am writing.


Hope you enjoyed my blog and if you have any feedback share it below ………….


5 thoughts on “Optimistic and Hopeful

  1. Congratulations! Your positive attitude will help you to make the best of these great opportunities.
    The V & A is a huge place-it would take years to get around & see everything!
    Hope you are studying your map!

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