3 Year Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary

Hello folks.

I don’t usually write a blog in the middle of the week but I am rolling with ideas at the moment so just wanted to give this a go.

I was inspired to write this blog from a fellow blogger who had a blog called Seven Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog.

It got me thinking about why I started writing a blog in the first place.

If you saw my home page and looked on the right hand section, there is a long list in the Archive section so you can see that I’ve been writing blogs for quite a while.

This was the first blog I wrote.

At the time there were a few reasons I started a blog and looking back at it, it’s has been a good decision that I have pursued over.

At the time back in November 2013, I finished university and had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of what to jobs to look at and I didn’t have a plan. My only thing going at the time was to write a blog. These are my reasons of why I started blogging. ENJOY 🙂

Develop my writing skills

I thought a good way of developing my writing skills is to write blogs on a consistent basis I would like to point out that I don’t come from a journalism background but it doesn’t prevent me from entering the world of writing. A blog can be a film review, a poem, something you have brought, somewhere you visited or just a collection of photographs. It doesn’t have to be long either.

Get Marketable

Similar to my writing skills, I want to become marketable, get myself out there in the blogging community and worldwide is what I am trying to say. You can’t be a great blogger overnight, it takes a few blogs to get noticed.

Got Inspired To Write

I want to get myself out there for people to hear my story. I felt inspired to express my opinions and to inspire others to share their own blogs and stories. So why not share this with people in the way of writing? There was one particular instance that I wanted to  write. Before I taken up blogging, I noticed that a friend was writing a blog and shared it on Facebook about her time in Norway, this encouraged me to write a blog myself because if she can do it then I can also.

This isn’t publicity, I’m not bothered by how many likes I get if I share my blog on their or put it on Twitter, it’s just me expressing my story so that family, friends and relatives or just strangers in this world can look into my life through the looking glass and can appreciate a work of writing as well as keeping up-to-date with how I’m getting on with life.

To gain a social interaction

I’m just a little surprised that no one close to me has gone the same route, I have contacted bloggers who I only communicate through their blogs or just by an online conversation on WordPress. On WordPress, there is a post called the Community Pool where you can simply submit a new post and ask for feedback. I found this a great way to interact with bloggers that share a love and passion for writing and then to keep in touch with bloggers soon after. On the Community Pool, I particularly help those users who are blogging for the first time and just give them constructive feedback.

At the end of the day, I’m here to write but also support others. I found this enjoyable because it is informal and it’s not pressurised. If anyone has any feedback, simply send your post on the comments section and I can always look at it for you and pass along feedback 🙂

The main thing is, I don’t speak a lot but WRITE a lot lol.

Sharing my views across

If you’ve seen my first blog, It’s obvious that you would have seen that I have a huge enthusiasm for cricket. Over the past few blogs, I am passionate about various topics I write about.

I have a range of topics ranging from Music, Television, Sports, History and Attractions.

Ok that might just be four topics but BIG topics none the less, there is also life stories.


Ok, that’s probably enough from me.

To sum up really, I have up to this point published 72 posts. I am quite happy that I have published a considerable number of posts,

For me it’s more about the quality of my blogs rather than how many I write as long as it is relevant to put up.

I have drafted up blogs that are in the pipeline at the moment so in case you don’t see my posts that I share across the social media. You can use the Follow button that will allow you to receive my blogs as soon as it gets published.

Tips for Newbies

If you aren’t a blogger and want to blog but you don’t know what to write about, I would encourage you to write a blog called “Five Things I learnt from reading a blog” and then link my post to your profile.

Alternatively, you could write about:

  • A film view,
  • Something you brought
  • A holiday/vacation you went on
  • A reaction to BREXIT or TRUMP becoming president

It doesn’t have to be a written post either. It can be just a short video or an audio clip.

Hope you found this article informative, hope to go on for many years to come.



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