Reflecting on 2016

Reflecting on 2016

Hello folks.

Welcome to my reflection of 2016.

The year of 2016 has been an interesting one.

Where do I start?

Briefly this year has been about proving to people that I am worthy of a job, being in love, overcoming obstacles in the way of getting a job, attending a wide quantity of job interviews and finally getting offered the job. It’s been nothing short from impactful.

Worthy of a job

I probably covered this in the early part of the year. I went out volunteering not solely to have a fun and interesting thing to do outside the house. I want to show people I can graft. What I mean by that is taking advantage of opportunities that were available where I can acquire knowledge and experience to help build my career prospects.

Attending a large quantity of job interviews

Although I’ve not gone as far as Cheltenham or far far away, I’ve had large number of job interviews in interesting locations and organisations.

I once had an interview in a hotel in the village of Waddesdon, it was a shame I didn’t get the opportunity to visit the Manor when it wasn’t open because I could spend the day there.

I had numerous interviews I can be proud of, one of those interviews was based in Roald Dahl’s Museum in Great Missenden, I felt I got the job by the end of the interview but it turned out it wasn’t to be. Being a football fan, I was invited an interview to go to Wembley Stadium, it was something I was extremely proud of as I wouldn’t have thought I would be considered. I would say the same about the MacMillan charity, I was invited to their office in Vauxhall, they share the same building as Comic Relief does, sadly my downfall was when I was doing an online test on Excel, now I know where I need to improve on.

I was also proud to have had two individual interviews at Westminster Abbey and another two at Imperial War Museums. I was more prouder of Imperial War Museums because of the fierce competition. I remember at the group interview, I was amongst twenty other people. In the next interview I had, I had an individual interview and test assessment where they had two people booked for each hour.

I also was proud to have an interview at Chiltern Railways as well in their head office in Marylebone so although I wasn’t successful with the outcome, I at least know that looking back on this year, interviews aren’t my strong point but I have shown in the information I have given that I am determined.

Volunteering and Temporary Work

I remember at the start of the year that my life was so hectic, I was volunteering at Oxfam, Old Royal Naval College, Sir John Soane’s Museum, Museum of the Order of St John, Churches Conservation Trust and Harrow Museum at the same time. I was volunteering at all these places at once. I didn’t do it to impress people. At the time, I was busy doing six days of this. I literally gave up on the Old Royal Naval College shortly after as the travelling took its toll. It was my choice to carry out all this volunteering, as I repeat, I didn’t do this solely just for the fun of volunteering or an excuse of not working. I choose to do this because I realised I wasn’t having much luck getting job interviews or finding much luck in the process.

Each individual work I was doing was completely different. For myself, it is about making the most of these opportunities that are given because I can confidently say that I’ve not gone back after a long absence and carried out the same task/job that was given. I am an ambitious person with dynamic values where I have full of enthusiasm, desire to learn and new ideas which I feel are values that an employer would be proud of.

After May of this year, I took up temporary work for the first time based in Whitechapel, unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it and so I resigned after three weeks. I’ve posted the first week of it, (more to follow soon). Then shortly after, I did temporary work again in a membership organisation, the work only lasted about two weeks so it wasn’t ideal.

After the temporary work, I did find it struggle to know what to do next. I didn’t feel that I recovered much confidence from that.

Around August to September time, I was looking for new challenges and searching for new motivation. I got this by being successful with volunteering with English Heritage which got me experience in Hyde Park of actively engaging with the public and building my knowledge up of historical events. I was quite proud of this as I had my aspirations on getting experience at national organisations. By this time, I was also successful with having my application as a volunteer successful at IWM and V&A. I consider both IWM and V&A as two heavyweights. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend just a day at IWM because of the application process but at least I can say I have spent one day at IWM. Both working at V&A and IWM demonstrates I am highly ambitious individual and I am someone who is determined to get to the next level. Because of this thought process, I know I am doing something right and shows how far I come in the last twelve months.

Offered the job

In an ideal scenario, i would like to be offered a job rather than be decided upon a criteria in a job interview. The feeling of getting offered a job and not worry about upon finding a job is quite fantastic. I can get a massive payday now which is great. It has taken me over three years to get myself a permanent job. I’m not looking back and say to myself I have wasted three years of my life because I don’t feel I have. Every experience I have gained has been valuable. I have the mindset to prosper and make the most of the opportunities that are given.

But just because I have been given a job for life doesn’t mean that I will sit back and watch time go by. I want to show people in the workplace what skills and experience I bring and that I am a valuable entity.


As I said at the beginning of this article, its been impactful. On a side note I was delighted to see my cousin get married early this year, CONGRATS.

I just want to finish this post as I normally do by adding a music suggestion. Since I heard this song, it basically sums up my life in some words. I am powerful, wonderful and I AM ME.

As Robbie gladly put it “I am where I wanna be”.




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