Living with Autism

Living with Autism

Hello everyone.

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I won’t give too much away but this is just me welcoming you in through the door to my world.

Today, I am going to be talking about living with autism.

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I haven’t heard the term of Autism till about three years ago at least. I vaguely remember when I even heard of the word and I wasn’t frank or consider what it meant.

The term Autism itself is also known as Asperger’s syndrome.

Some of us in our lifetime will have encountered autistic people whether it was their attention or not. All I can say is, I know an autistic person when I see one but often it is hard to try to identify those of a majority because it is hidden away somewhere.

Maybe not all of autistic people are normal but have special talents that shines through from making a difference. As an autistic person myself, I want to be remembered through breaking barriers, overcoming adversity, be a positive role model and not be ashamed about who they are or aspire to be.

I don’t normally make it public to say that I am autistic. Ok I’m making it public knowledge now on this blog but I don’t really go and make it an everyday conversation. It is something that I have often been sensitive and worried about because often I can see it can give out not the right impression. But then again, I have felt that I shouldn’t have to tell everyone everything about me so that people can read me like a book.

When I was filling in job applications, in the majority of the time I didn’t put down that I had a disability. On my dating profiles, I want to be perceived as a normal human being finding the 1. That is why I feel it is a sensitive issue because if I told people who I was the A word, I kind of worry that they would get the wrong end of the stick or leave me and find someone else.

But at one time, I remember going to a job interview in London near the West End and the interviewer (assuming it was the Manager) knew I was autistic without mentioning the word autistic. At the end of the interview, he lend me £5 for lunch, that is probably only time I have ever been offered cash or money in an interview, it was a humbling experience for me and I very much appreciated the gesture. A family member who has a child who is autistic knew of my condition and recommended me for my first permanent job for which I wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for her so I’m truly thankful for those who have empathy because life isn’t easy. If there was a recruitment agency for autistic people setup, it would make my day to see how much it would mean to each individual because I believe autistic should be given a chance to succeed. Although, I seen on documentaries that autistic people get welcome news of entering a new house or a new job, I can see it means a lot to them because it is life changing and a memory that will last a lifetime.

I very much like those scenarios quite a lot because those are people who truly understand what autistic through in life.

Life hasn’t been simple or normal for me whatsoever or in other words it hasn’t been bittersweet. In one instance, I was not allowed into a traffic light party on my 20th birthday because the bouncer thought I was drunk due to my speech. I later got an apology and a refund from that but since then I have not wanted to go clubbing or nights out because the experience has given me bad memories 😦

Although I interact with people at work, I found it hard to form friendships outside of work, I don’t really have any best mates at the moment but I’m sure things will change for the better. It is important to remain hopeful.

I have empathy what autistic people are like and I also have emotional feelings when I see them on film or colour. I know what struggles they go through and it hurts me because there are people who are fortunate (like myself) who are earning a living and those that aren’t and can’t help it.

When I do reveal to people that I am autistic like I am doing now, I am sincere or genuine because it is true to myself.

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