Songs of 2017 so far

Songs of 2017 so far

Hello everyone.

In this blog, I am concerning on what songs I like in 2017. Music in 2017 has been interesting and refreshing to listen to, various newbies and loads of YouTube views.

Martin Jensen – Solo Dance

I actually just heard it for the first time at the start of September and brought the single on iTunes. It was so random how I found out the song, I was flicking through The Hits channel at home on a Saturday night. I just love the song, it is very upbeat and very fresh, it has a Jonas Blue feel to it.


Anne Marie – Ciao Adios

This is more of a popular song choice. I didn’t really like it at first off but until recently I got listening to it and I quite interested in listening to it again (it must have been Ed Sheeran). The song has a meaning. I hope somewhere along the line, the right girl comes eventually and relatively soon.


Calvin Harris feat Pharrel Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean – Feels

This for me is an all star pairing, you have the top DJ in the world (Calvin Harris), one of the best songwriters (Pharrell Williams), one of the best female vocalists (Katy Perry) and a guy who can mix it up with some hip hop (Big Sean). This song is so suited to a summer party or a chilled party somewhere. This group can easily make a supergroup.


Paramore – Hard Times

When I heard this song, I was so excited to see Paramore back again (especially Hayley). I was expecting Paramore to return to their Pop-Punk roots but this is so different to what they have done in the past but it mixes quite well. I have been listening to the song since April and I’m not tired of listening to it.


Rat Boy – ┬áLaid Back

This is a song that takes me to why I like listening to the Indie/Alternative genre. That is why I love this song, I am laid back about listening to this song and that doesn’t bother me. Although this isn’t going to be a mainstream song that is going to be on the UK TOP 40 but this song is attractable.


Miley Cyrus – Mailbu

I chose this song for a number of reasons, one reason being of course it got me thinking of a drinking brand lol. All joking aside, I feel Miley has grown to be more mature which is good because I didn’t really like how she has presented herself in the last two years or so. I respect Miley as well for how she presented herself in the music video and massive respect her for going out to perform in the Manchester concert after the Manchester tragedy.


Rita Ora – Your Song

I felt in LOVE just recently but I don’t have that excitable feeling anymore which is a bit of a let down but the song reminds me of what I can expect when I fall in LOVE.


Little Mix feat Machine Gun Kelly – No More Sad Songs

Normally, I don’t listen to Little Mix even though they are British and a successful girl band. I just felt even though I had some sadness in my life right now, you can’t have sadness forever so this song was a quick reminder to move on and have a positive attitude to life, THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE.

No matter how hard life is, you can always come back and come back stronger.


Olly Murs & Louisa Johnson – Unpredictable

For me, I just love British artists so I’m being very biased about this song choice. In various ways, life is unpredictable. I didn’t predict that I would have a job right now so I’m not really control of my own destiny. I doubt that I will be expected to get a girlfriend anytime soon but when I do or if I do, I have no idea who this girlfriend will look like or what the girl will be interested in.

I’ve done some unpredictable things just recently, never thought I would be fulfilling objectives on my bucket list such as visiting York and going to TWO cricket matches and visit Lord’s THREE TIMES. It’s amazing what money can bring.

Let me know what you think of my song choices and have you got any song choices of your own?