Banqueting House and Churchill War Rooms

Banqueting House and Churchill War Rooms

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to my post.

In this blog I’m going to review my day which was spent on visiting two places in Whitehall, these are:

  • Banqueting House
  • Churchill War Rooms

The reasons for visiting these two places weren’t really my choice.

I have recently joined as a member on a website called CitySocialiser that provides socials to meet new people. I said to myself that I didn’t have much to lose from going.

Another reason why I wanted to go was because I hadn’t been to Banqueting House or Churchill War Rooms before so the opportunity presented itself.

I met the group in London and we set off to visit Banqueting House first.

Before we went to Banqueting House, there was an event taking place in Whitehall, I didn’t realise it until I came home that it was National Armistice Day so it explains why there was a service going on.

Banqueting House

I didn’t know what to expect when visiting the Banqueting House, I just knew that Banqueting House belonged to Historic Royal Palaces and was famously used by Charles I.

When I visited the House, I immediately went to sit down to watch a brief video of the history of the Banqueting House, it was interesting to know that it was part of Whitehall Palace and that caught fire on three separate occasions. After watching the brief video, I went to the Banqueting Hall itself and it looked fabulous, I was taken back to the beautiful painted ceilings. The thing that was unexpected and made the trip worthwhile was that the Hall was filled with bean bags so I could literally relax and look up to the ceiling and admire it rather than feel dizzy standing up. The thing I also found interesting was the mirrors themselves, they were on various parts of the room so it allows the visitor to look down instead and feel it upside down. Before I left, I met with a volunteer who was showing objects that belonged to the House, this included the top of a vase, a kitchen tile and Portland stone.




One thing I learnt from the trip, was that Sir John Soane played a part on repairing the roof of the House and the windows itself so that made the trip worthwhile. I found it unique because I previously volunteered at Sir John Soane’s Museum so that made me intrigued.

The downsides of visiting the House itself was that it only contained one room so I couldn’t go up to the balcony or any other room in the House so I didn’t feel I got value for money.

Churchill War Rooms

After finishing Banqueting House, we all went to Churchill War Rooms (CWR).

I had no knowledge of CWR beforehand but I knew it was related to Winston Churchill and associated with World War II.

Overall, I did get value for money, there were loads of rooms to see, there were about 23 rooms which had audio guide information about each room and there was also the Winston Churchill Museum which documented his life before and after World War II.

I did find it cool to know about certain things of Winston Churchill so the trip was ok. I would suggest if you are ever going to CWR, there is a lot of walking involved. I was fortunate in the respect that the people in the group didn’t leave or desert me in CWR which was a very good thing. I learnt from my date experience at Hunterian Museum that I can be left behind 😦


During the middle part of the visit, I did my own exploring and caught up with the group during the latter stages which was good. After doing the whole visit, we walked through St James’s Park and went to a bar/cafe called Henry’s Cafe Bar afterwards. It was good just catching up with people and asking what they liked about the visit. The people I was with were quite outgoing and I just listened to what the people had to say.


Overall reflection

In reflection, the experience of the trip was fun, I got to see the sites that I intended to see and I met new people as well. I’m glad I went and seen both sites on one day. The people I was with on the trip were a good group to go with.

I would like to join some more CitySocialiser events and meet likeable/interesting people who I can develop friendships in the aftermath of these events. I will possibly get an inkling of whether it would be a good to continue on or not. By the end of it, I didn’t feel that I bonded with anyone so that was a bit of a disappointment.




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