Day 2 – Weekend Break in Dublin

Day 2 – Weekend Break in Dublin

Hello everyone, this is my long-awaited blog series exploring what I got up to on my travels in Dublin.

Of each day of my trip, I will be writing a blog about my unforgettable journey in Dublin.

If you haven’t already seen my previous blog of Day 1 of my trip then please feel free to read the blog and pass on your comments.

I started my day eating breakfast at the hotel, the feel of it was rather nice. It is a rare occasion where I was able to enjoy a premium breakfast.

On the day I was originally planning to go and visit Northern Ireland for the whole day but that trip got cancelled. I have no idea why but I thought I was going to visit the main tourist attractions I wanted to see on the first day.

As this plan got cancelled, I capitalised on the opportunity of visiting the city centre.

I initially didn’t have a set plan in mind, so I started by having  a wander around for public transport links to the city at Heuston station.

I then walked up a hill and spotted a church near the Guinness Storehouse. As it was Sunday, I might as visit the parish. It felt like I was going to the proms as there was an orchestra/music band playing at the back of the church. The music was very moving and brought a small tear to my eyes.

After the mass was over, I went back to Heuston and fetched a bus to the city centre. I had no place in mind to get off at so I stopped somewhere in the city centre.

I went through some of the streets in Dublin which I vaguely remember. As I was walking through the city, I stopped off at Trinity College first, it didn’t occur to me why I went to Trinity College in the first place. As it happened to be on the doorstep, I might as well go in and give it a try. I had no prior knowledge of Trinity College before I went so I chose to do a tour around the grounds which was rather nice. One interesting fact I learnt on the tour was that the college was built under the reign of Elizabeth I and it’s main objective was to be a Protestant college so it was very interesting, there was an opportunity to go to the Book of Kells exhibition which was ok but not to my liking.






After visiting Trinity College, I went on the look out for Dublin Castle, that was one of my priorities to visit the Castle itself.

I went on the guided tour of the Castle which I’m very glad to make the decision as I was able to make the most of my visit, the tour included going underground to see the foundations of the Castle, going through the Chapel and seeing the State Apartments.






There was two exhibitions which were on the State Apartments, one was about Royalty which is a subject area that I love finding out and there was a small piece on fashion.


The royalty exhibition was about British monarchies that have visited the Castle including George IV, Victoria, Edward VII and George V. With no prior knowledge of the exhibition or awareness of the display at the Castle made the experience even sweeter.







I remember stopping off outside Christ Church Cathedral and walking past Temple Bar and O’Connell Street.


By the time I got to Christ Church Cathedral, the interior of it was closed but it was strange seeing a pit under the cathedral.


I walked to the hotel on foot which took around 30-40 minutes. I quite enjoyed the walk although it was in the dark. The strange thing was, I had no prior knowledge of how to get to the hotel, so I relied on the signs going to the Guinness Storehouse as it was a short distance away so I arrived in the hotel in one piece.

I will never forget my time in Dublin which is why I am wanting to record this experience.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Feel free to share your feedback and comments below.



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