Aims of 2017

Aims of 2017

Hello folks.

You may have seen my bucket list already.

It is a crazy list but one way or another I hope to complete what I set out to do in the long-term.

Now, that brings me onto what I have set out to do this. I’m probably may or may not achieve these aims but all these aims is what I have in mind for 2017.

  1. Become and Stay Loyal To My Job

I am very thankful to have a secure job at last. I’m going to commit a whole year to this job without thinking about applying for full-time jobs. I’m going to show everyone at the company that I’m not a one trick pony and  I can remain loyal and that has a wide range of skills to offer. I am overly ambitious so let’s see what promotion opportunities the company has on offer. Already, I have completed three months that I’ve been in the job and I’ve not been dissatisfied.

2.  Learn and Develop my Knowledge on Foreign languages

I have already started Italian. Ciao! I want to be able to learn some more Italian and build my knowledge on that. I just love the language. As well as that, learning French is also a MUST and German is good for its criteria, Swedish would be a bonus.


3.  Build on my own Self-Confidence

A friend on Facebook suggested for me a while ago to get therapy help. I was quite fond of the idea at first but I was building on my own confidence so I’m glad now that I am not following up on that idea as I don’t feel that is the right help I need. At the end of last year, although I started a new job and quite pleased on getting paid. I still wasn’t having much confidence in myself. Slowly but surely I am hoping to build up my self-confidence. I can maybe set high expectations upon myself but if you haven’t got any expectations or targets then upon that there is no motivation. Without motivation then what is the fulfilment of life? I am what I am but some of the things I need to do is somehow remove negatively that is surrounding me, be better prepared and just accept there are failures and I need to somehow correct those faults.

4.     Opportunity to watch a day’s play at Lord’s

One of my biggest interests is Cricket. Having loved cricket from an early age and an enthusiast of the sport it would be a dream to go to the Home of Cricket and be able to watch a Test Match. I have already signed up to the Lord’s ballot this year and got tickets to watch England against Ireland in a ODI and England against the West Indies on Day One of a test match. I have brought tickets for the first four days. It’s on my bucket list so I’m glad I got one objective complete from the bucket list.


5.     Go travelling

This is by far one of the most ambitious aim in mind because I need to do this at some point and I never travelled anywhere really nice so it will make a change I suppose.

I have written down a shortlist of places I want to visit. It’s more of a Bucket list to be honest lol. If anyone wants to accompany me then feel free to contact me.

I doubt that this would be achieved but I know that the England Cricket Team are going to play at Australia at the end of the year and I can’t really resist much temptation of going to Australia and experience it firsthand. It’s not the idea of watching the test match that interests me but “ME IN AUSTRALIA, THAT’S EPIC”. Not only just being in Australia sounds good to me but to spend Christmas and New Year in Australia, that’s something you don’t expect. If you told me that a year ago, I would have said you were crazy.

There is a song I like very much like called “Live While We’re Alive” by Måns Zelmerlöw and that is basically what I want my life to be, making the most of the opportunities that we have in life. Before I can do any of that, I need to find a partner or mates to accompany me to Australia before I can plan any plane or hotel bookings. I’ve already registered my interest on a site called Travel Buddies and LonelyPlanet so I want to make this wild dream to be a reality. As I am writing this, I found some England Oversee Tour websites which will enable me to travel with fellow cricket lovers.

6.      Search for Romance or Love

One of the ways that I can feel better about myself is finding someone who is willing or wanting to give me a chance as I would if I was giving someone else the same opportunity. I have found dating/romance as a bigger struggle then finding a job which is quite frustrating. Having said that, there is a rare gem lurking out somewhere. This is my time now to reach out.

This time last year, I took a chance by travelling to Dublin, it wasn’t the outcome that I would have wanted but the experience is only to make me stronger and I’m going to learn to expect the unexpected.

To feel better about myself or one of the main ways of improving my self-confidence is by searching and seeking.

I’ve visually observed people’s futures when they stay single for a long time and I can’t see it being enjoyable, pleasant for them. I truly feel it’s dull and a shell of themselves if they haven’t found the right person.

I want to improve my life for not being single.

I don’t really know who might come along but I want to be inspired by my partner to be independent, ambitious, be adventurous and many other things that can come along with those qualities otherwise it’s going to be a struggle.

7. Try and Take Better Care Of My Teeth

I brought a new toothbrush for Christmas last year, the OralB 9000. I am wanting to make sufficient changes to my lifestyle including to avoid junk food as much as possible and fizzy drinks. I am wanting to prevent gum disease, avoid bad breath and limit the amount of mints I take as possible. I can’t say it’s not been too bad. I am only taking one mint per day at least and clean my teeth both morning and evening on various settings of my toothbrush. But I know that this is a long-term thing which is not something I’m proud of as an Aim.


If you have any aims of your own, feel free to share your own !!!!

Living with Autism

Living with Autism

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my latest blog.

I won’t give too much away but this is just me welcoming you in through the door to my world.

Today, I am going to be talking about living with autism.

Feel free to share this with friends, family or people you know who have autism.



I haven’t heard the term of Autism till about three years ago at least. I vaguely remember when I even heard of the word and I wasn’t frank or consider what it meant.

The term Autism itself is also known as Asperger’s syndrome.

Some of us in our lifetime will have encountered autistic people whether it was their attention or not. All I can say is, I know an autistic person when I see one but often it is hard to try to identify those of a majority because it is hidden away somewhere.

Maybe not all of autistic people are normal but have special talents that shines through from making a difference. As an autistic person myself, I want to be remembered through breaking barriers, overcoming adversity, be a positive role model and not be ashamed about who they are or aspire to be.

I don’t normally make it public to say that I am autistic. Ok I’m making it public knowledge now on this blog but I don’t really go and make it an everyday conversation. It is something that I have often been sensitive and worried about because often I can see it can give out not the right impression. But then again, I have felt that I shouldn’t have to tell everyone everything about me so that people can read me like a book.

When I was filling in job applications, in the majority of the time I didn’t put down that I had a disability. On my dating profiles, I want to be perceived as a normal human being finding the 1. That is why I feel it is a sensitive issue because if I told people who I was the A word, I kind of worry that they would get the wrong end of the stick or leave me and find someone else.

But at one time, I remember going to a job interview in London near the West End and the interviewer (assuming it was the Manager) knew I was autistic without mentioning the word autistic. At the end of the interview, he lend me £5 for lunch, that is probably only time I have ever been offered cash or money in an interview, it was a humbling experience for me and I very much appreciated the gesture. A family member who has a child who is autistic knew of my condition and recommended me for my first permanent job for which I wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for her so I’m truly thankful for those who have empathy because life isn’t easy. If there was a recruitment agency for autistic people setup, it would make my day to see how much it would mean to each individual because I believe autistic should be given a chance to succeed. Although, I seen on documentaries that autistic people get welcome news of entering a new house or a new job, I can see it means a lot to them because it is life changing and a memory that will last a lifetime.

I very much like those scenarios quite a lot because those are people who truly understand what autistic through in life.

Life hasn’t been simple or normal for me whatsoever or in other words it hasn’t been bittersweet. In one instance, I was not allowed into a traffic light party on my 20th birthday because the bouncer thought I was drunk due to my speech. I later got an apology and a refund from that but since then I have not wanted to go clubbing or nights out because the experience has given me bad memories 😦

Although I interact with people at work, I found it hard to form friendships outside of work, I don’t really have any best mates at the moment but I’m sure things will change for the better. It is important to remain hopeful.

I have empathy what autistic people are like and I also have emotional feelings when I see them on film or colour. I know what struggles they go through and it hurts me because there are people who are fortunate (like myself) who are earning a living and those that aren’t and can’t help it.

When I do reveal to people that I am autistic like I am doing now, I am sincere or genuine because it is true to myself.

Thanks for reading this blog.

Feel free to send your feedback below.

To find out more about autism visit the websites below:




First Date in Lincoln Inn Fields

First Date in Lincoln Inn Fields

Hello folks.

Following on my previous post on my experience at the Hunterian Museum, I’m here to write about my recent dating experience which occurred on Saturday 28th January 2017.

Initially, I’ve only been on one informal date beforehand when I travelled to meet a girl in Dublin but I don’t look at these things a date because it feels pressurising.

On my initial second informal date (if you want to call it that), I met a girl on Match, got chatting and agreed to meet in person. We would first meet in the Fields Cafe in Holborn and go to a museum afterwards (turned out to be a bad idea in the end). Beforehand, I was quite excited to meet the person, had some shared interests. It didn’t bother me in the first place that the distance was longer than expected. After all, I wouldn’t turned down the invitation in the first place.


We sat down in the cafe it didn’t go down too badly, I just feel I was engaged in the conversations and I didn’t feel she was making too much of an effort, I found her to be quite shy and I didn’t feel I had learnt much from her in terms of personality. She does remind me of her in some ways, I can be quite quiet and unassuming in group conversations but I try to excel in individual conversations. We then went to the Museum together but we didn’t initially speak much once we were there, we went off in different parts of the museum. A museum to me is a school of learning so I wanted to be at ease and wander around independently and I hoped that by the end of it that we would then meet up and discuss what we liked about our visit or the day in general but that wasn’t what it turned out to be.


After an hour and half or so, I received a text from her saying she had to go to support her sister because her sister’s boyfriend was having a row. I had sympathy from reading the text but I felt it would be conducted more genuinely. I didn’t find her story of leaving me in the museum alone to be a good sign of acknowledgement. Perhaps if she had made an effort to find me in person then I would symphasise with her in that way but I felt she took the easy way out and didn’t acknowledge my presence on the day which I took it as a sign of disrespect and it hurt my feelings. Perhaps from an historian’s point of view, you could say she was being clever. She hadn’t mentioned to me about family relatives beforehand so it could only be made as an assumption.

When I meet with her in the cafe, I didn’t feel that we had much chemistry or I didn’t feel that I learnt anything greatly or dramatically despite sharing things in common before our visit. I’m looking beyond that, I’m not really looking for someone who comes from a history or art background or someone who is mainly interested in history and museums or solely into sports. What I am looking for is someone that shares interests in all or any of those but someone who is beautiful, enthusiastic, intelligently minded, adventurous, brave, ambitious,  compassionate and doesn’t mind taking risks. I didn’t feel that I missed her at all or felt anything.

I left her texts wishing that her sister was ok and wished her a good weekend. By the time I got home on Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon, I didn’t receive any texts from her so I don’t feel she cared whether I got home ok and how the date went so it was a shame really.

The next day after meeting her, it was my decision to text her to say I wasn’t wanting to be in a relationship with her and wished her good luck. I was being brave and called her twice beforehand but went to answer phone.

I don’t have regrets about the actions or choices I took. I didn’t feel that the day was a mistake but a great shame that it wasn’t to be.  I just believe the decision of going to a museum on an informal date wasn’t the best, more of a disaster really as it isn’t really that of an activity that you can engage very well.

I may have been convinced by her story that she needed to support her sister but truthfully, I just believed she only did just as an excuse of an easy way out. I just don’t like the thought of a date wanting to leave me be. What would happen if both me and her was on holiday to somewhere and she had to go off back to London without me and left me stranded without realising the risks and consequence of this? How would you feel if this happened to you?

Some of the days have passed now and I’m disappointed about giving the rejection, I’ll contact her in the near future and hope she is alright and ok. I just care about those I’ve hurt. It is not nice as it has happened to me once before and it took me a while to recover from it all. I’m not banking on a response but it’s worth a try I suppose. Never say Never.

What this experience has told me, I’m only 26 and going on dates has been hard to come by so I relish these opportunities to meet people on special occasions. I’m just waiting for the right girl or special person to come into my life at the right time and who knows, it may lead onto something serious or just a flash from the past. Who knows.

Thank you for reading my post and leave you comments below.

My visit to the Hunterian Museum

My visit to the Hunterian Museum

Hey folks !!!!

In this blog, I am going to be talking about my visit to the Hunterian Museum in the West End of London.


I initially went to the Museum as an informal date. More on that in my next post. Initially I liked the experience of going but I think my date stood me up lol. I shouldn’t laugh about it to be honest because it is a hurtful thing to do to lie to someone but I guess it is for the best because the person has no regard of my feelings and their mind is made up.

So anyway, back to the subject.

Before the visit, I hadn’t known what to expect or know anything about the Museum so I was prepared for anything.

Once I went in there, there was some interesting exhibits/objects. The first thing that drew me was looking at some animal body parts in clear jars, hmm. I was left speechless, I had no words to describe that.

The things that were of great interest was learning about gigantism because it is something I can sympathise or relate to. When I think about the word gigantism, there is one man who springs to mind which is the wrestler and actor Andre the Giant. Although Andre was around before my time, I followed his career through looking at videos and a documentary on YouTube. Andre for me was a gentle giant and an inspiration in life. What I respect about Andre is that he led life to the fullest, he was larger than life which meant the spotlight was on him both on and off the screen at the whole time. It is tough to deal with as well as various basic things like sitting on a chair, providing food and drink, buying shoes and clothes, sitting on an airplane as well as sitting down in a car. I would have liked to have met Andre and put my hand to his hand and compare the difference.

On show at the Museum was the skeleton of the “Irish Giant” called Charles Byrne. I thought it was a spectacle . The femur or the upper part of the leg reached my shoulders and I am about 6 ft 1.

On the top floor, there were some disturbing images of plastic surgery which I couldn’t look at, faces looked horrible. There are cases where people get there face eaten off, for instance, I don’t know how I found it but there was a case where a monkey ate off a human face, it’s SICK, look it up on Google. But the story I read about in the Museum was a face got ruined by a dynamite explosion. The less said the better. What I also found disturbing were graphic videos of operations on the TV screen shown at the Museum, I’m just glad that I didn’t choose to have a career path of a Doctor or Surgeon because I couldn’t watch the tv screen let alone someone’s leg or shoulder being opened up.


One particular object that I thought was unique was a copy of Issac Newton’s death mask. I didn’t expect that to be exhibited at the Museum.

I said to my date during the visit that there should have been a painting of a Napoleon Bonaparte in with the group of small people. There were two paintings of dwarfs, one Irish and one Italian. There was a painting as well of a small titled person from Poland,

A portrait of a Yak, Kangaroos  was so random. I like the idea of yaks for some reason, particularly when I was at university when the Himalayas was brought up. Meanwhile,  a painting of kangaroos was not what I was expecting particularly as kangaroos came from Australia so given that before the 20th century it would take almost forever to get to Australia by boat so the painting was unique and rare.

Overall, the whole experience of visiting the Museum was very enjoyable despite my date leaving me half-way through. It was exceptionally interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the medical profession.

Hope you found this blog informative. Let me know what you think below !!!

Bucket List

Bucket List

Hey folks, this is my Bucket List. Feel free to feedback your suggestions.

If you have a Bucket List of your own, feel free to share it on the COMMENTS BELOW.


  1. Travel oversees to watch England in a test match

  2. Go to an event at the MSG

  3. Walk on Times Square

  4. Watch a Middlesex county game

  5. Go to a United game at Old Trafford

  6. Go to the San Siro and watch AC Milan.

  7. Watch a game from the German Bundesliga

  8. Watch the LA Lakers in Staples Centre

  9. Go to a UFC event

  10. Watch a cricket match at the Home of Cricket (Lord’s)

  11. Visit York

  12. Watch Darts at the Lakeside Frimley Green

  13. Go to the Crucible in Sheffield for the Snooker World Championships

  14. Visit at least one English Heritage property outside London

  15. Visit at least one National Trust property outside London

  16. Pass my driving test

  17. Go on the Eurostar

  18. Participate on a quiz show on TV

  19. Participate in a pub quiz

  20. Visit Toronto and explore Canada







Songs of 2016

Songs of 2016

Lush Life – Zara Larsson

This song was probably the first song I listened to of Zara Larsson’s. I listened to this pre-summer, I don’t have a clue why but I remember listening to it when it had just over 100M views on YouTube. It has elements of Rihanna to this song. This is very much of a feel good song and should be on the NEW YEAR’s PLAYLIST.

On Fire – Luke Bond feat Roxanne Emery

This song is some years old but I religiously love this song and brought up this song as a suggestion in recent blog this year. It makes no sense for people to like this song about being on fire but noise or instrumental to this song speaks for itself. It falls in well with the same category as Martin Garrix’s version of Animals.

Tilted – Christine and the Queens

I originally listened to the French version called ‘Christine’, I remember putting it up on Facebook and didn’t realise she had a French version of it at that time. I only heard about the song because it was a five second advert on YouTube where you could hear the same to the track. Even though I didn’t understand French, I still like the song so I don’t really have a preference if it is sung in French or English, it doesn’t matter. What matters to me that this is on my list of songs of 2016!!!

If I Was Sorry – Frans

How this song didn’t explode in the UK charts is beyond me. I love the lyrics of this song, the song was probably one of the most talked about song in Eurovision this year but the song was very catchy. Reminds me of why the Swedes are good at what they do in presenting the story behind the song.

Alone No More – Philip George & Anton Powers

This song is so ideal for a wedding reception or dance to in Ibiza. The music video so reminds me of what life is all about in that film, being able to record a video like that is very creative.

Something in the Way You Move – Ellie Goulding

One of my favourite tracks of Ellie’s. Belonging to her third album, she still continues making great music. To me the song is very uplifting and feel good song. Put it on my party list.

I originally heard it in an advert which I think is L’OREAL but might be wrong. Ever since, I just loved the song although I have no idea what Ellie is putting across. All I know is the chorus reads: ‘Something in the way you move, something in the way you do it, something in the way you move.

Army – Ellie Goulding

I just love the lyrics of this song. It is authentic and original. It is to do with friendship and thinking about the positive of friendships and relationships. To me it is more about how competitive the music industry is, when people write up songs, it can be stressful and pressurising. But friendship is clinging on to people who you love the most.

Speeding Cars – Walking on Cars

Gosh, it gives me chills when listening to this song. The song has grown on me, I discovered the song through a sample on YouTube. Since then, I have brought the album ‘Everything This Way’, it is definitely a song I would recommend to listen to. 5*.

Fire in the Rain – Mans

I love this particular because it describes life and life in what a relationship needs to be. Relationships also need a special purpose or an attachment to someone no matter what their sexualty, ethnicity, background or anything that is judged against. It has a country feel to it but I’m not that bothered about it.

Deception – Christina Grimmie

I couldn’t make up a list of songs of 2016 without this song. I covered this song in a previous blog I did earlier this year but this song truly gets me on how talented Christina was. This was the first song I listened to of her’s and it’s a shame that her presence is missed because I think she could have been one of the greatest. That song blew me away and it was mainly on the repeat button.

Reckless – Gareth Emery feat Wayward Daughter

I fell in love with the video itself, (I put it up as a suggestion in a recent blog). It talks about the hardships about being split from a relationship or something that wouldn’t work when it started. Reminds me of how heartbroken I was at the start of March. Looking back it, I didn’t feel that the girl from Ireland was convinced at the start that a long distance relationship would work but at least we gave it a try anyway. That isn’t why it didn’t work because it could of. I think there was a lack of hope and promise missing. Yes, I hadn’t a job, didn’t live nearby, didn’t drive obviously but obviously that can come intime. By having faith in someone and able to trust their path is key in a relationship. I didn’t feel I had that support and I didn’t feel she truly symphases or understood my situation. Obviously now I am able to go on now months down the line and my life is becoming easier. Hmm enough said.

Gallant – Bourbon

Many of you will not have heard of Gallant or the song Bourbon. I only heard of this song and Gallant by watching JOOLS HOLLAND. To me the song is a real classic tune. When I say classic, it has melody and soul. His voice just blows me away. I would see it being played on MAGIC FM.

Chvrches – Bury It

To be honest, I purchased this song in the Chvrches album ‘Every Open Eye’ last year but I only heard it recently when Hayley Williams sung in the music video. I don’t know why I get addicted to this song, the song is very catchy which is looked at full of noise, anger and frustration.

Amir – J’ai cherché

I don’t really associate this song not just as a Eurovision entry but I use this song as a way of staying positive, being positive and use it to inspire me in life. I always want to get better, I still have a long way to go to be a master of any craft. Ideally, I want to use the inspiration from this song to learn French, Italian, German and as many languages that interests me. This song is about believing in yourself and you can accomplish anything with dedication.

Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime

One of the Eurovision hits that stole the show. It doesn’t really matter to me if I hear foreign lyrics, I still understand at least 80% of the song.

Frans – If I Was Sorry

This was probably the song that got best remembered after Eurovision ended. The song grew on me after. Thinking about it, how it isn’t storming the UK Charts is beyond me.

The song is so well done. Sweden should be proud of this song representing their country in 2016. Since Eurovision ended, I still have listened to the track at least once a week. It doesn’t matter if you like Eurovision or not, I regard this as a cool trendy song that can be covered on The Voice.

Francesca Michelin – No Degree of Separation

This is probably the song that inspired me to learn Italian. When listening to it, I hardly understood most of the words that was said but I loved the song very much. It reminds me of where the positives of life can take us. Grazie per farmi sapper l’italiano. (Thanks for getting me to know italian).

Reflecting on 2016

Reflecting on 2016

Hello folks.

Welcome to my reflection of 2016.

The year of 2016 has been an interesting one.

Where do I start?

Briefly this year has been about proving to people that I am worthy of a job, being in love, overcoming obstacles in the way of getting a job, attending a wide quantity of job interviews and finally getting offered the job. It’s been nothing short from impactful.

Worthy of a job

I probably covered this in the early part of the year. I went out volunteering not solely to have a fun and interesting thing to do outside the house. I want to show people I can graft. What I mean by that is taking advantage of opportunities that were available where I can acquire knowledge and experience to help build my career prospects.

Attending a large quantity of job interviews

Although I’ve not gone as far as Cheltenham or far far away, I’ve had large number of job interviews in interesting locations and organisations.

I once had an interview in a hotel in the village of Waddesdon, it was a shame I didn’t get the opportunity to visit the Manor when it wasn’t open because I could spend the day there.

I had numerous interviews I can be proud of, one of those interviews was based in Roald Dahl’s Museum in Great Missenden, I felt I got the job by the end of the interview but it turned out it wasn’t to be. Being a football fan, I was invited an interview to go to Wembley Stadium, it was something I was extremely proud of as I wouldn’t have thought I would be considered. I would say the same about the MacMillan charity, I was invited to their office in Vauxhall, they share the same building as Comic Relief does, sadly my downfall was when I was doing an online test on Excel, now I know where I need to improve on.

I was also proud to have had two individual interviews at Westminster Abbey and another two at Imperial War Museums. I was more prouder of Imperial War Museums because of the fierce competition. I remember at the group interview, I was amongst twenty other people. In the next interview I had, I had an individual interview and test assessment where they had two people booked for each hour.

I also was proud to have an interview at Chiltern Railways as well in their head office in Marylebone so although I wasn’t successful with the outcome, I at least know that looking back on this year, interviews aren’t my strong point but I have shown in the information I have given that I am determined.

Volunteering and Temporary Work

I remember at the start of the year that my life was so hectic, I was volunteering at Oxfam, Old Royal Naval College, Sir John Soane’s Museum, Museum of the Order of St John, Churches Conservation Trust and Harrow Museum at the same time. I was volunteering at all these places at once. I didn’t do it to impress people. At the time, I was busy doing six days of this. I literally gave up on the Old Royal Naval College shortly after as the travelling took its toll. It was my choice to carry out all this volunteering, as I repeat, I didn’t do this solely just for the fun of volunteering or an excuse of not working. I choose to do this because I realised I wasn’t having much luck getting job interviews or finding much luck in the process.

Each individual work I was doing was completely different. For myself, it is about making the most of these opportunities that are given because I can confidently say that I’ve not gone back after a long absence and carried out the same task/job that was given. I am an ambitious person with dynamic values where I have full of enthusiasm, desire to learn and new ideas which I feel are values that an employer would be proud of.

After May of this year, I took up temporary work for the first time based in Whitechapel, unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it and so I resigned after three weeks. I’ve posted the first week of it, (more to follow soon). Then shortly after, I did temporary work again in a membership organisation, the work only lasted about two weeks so it wasn’t ideal.

After the temporary work, I did find it struggle to know what to do next. I didn’t feel that I recovered much confidence from that.

Around August to September time, I was looking for new challenges and searching for new motivation. I got this by being successful with volunteering with English Heritage which got me experience in Hyde Park of actively engaging with the public and building my knowledge up of historical events. I was quite proud of this as I had my aspirations on getting experience at national organisations. By this time, I was also successful with having my application as a volunteer successful at IWM and V&A. I consider both IWM and V&A as two heavyweights. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend just a day at IWM because of the application process but at least I can say I have spent one day at IWM. Both working at V&A and IWM demonstrates I am highly ambitious individual and I am someone who is determined to get to the next level. Because of this thought process, I know I am doing something right and shows how far I come in the last twelve months.

Offered the job

In an ideal scenario, i would like to be offered a job rather than be decided upon a criteria in a job interview. The feeling of getting offered a job and not worry about upon finding a job is quite fantastic. I can get a massive payday now which is great. It has taken me over three years to get myself a permanent job. I’m not looking back and say to myself I have wasted three years of my life because I don’t feel I have. Every experience I have gained has been valuable. I have the mindset to prosper and make the most of the opportunities that are given.

But just because I have been given a job for life doesn’t mean that I will sit back and watch time go by. I want to show people in the workplace what skills and experience I bring and that I am a valuable entity.


As I said at the beginning of this article, its been impactful. On a side note I was delighted to see my cousin get married early this year, CONGRATS.

I just want to finish this post as I normally do by adding a music suggestion. Since I heard this song, it basically sums up my life in some words. I am powerful, wonderful and I AM ME.

As Robbie gladly put it “I am where I wanna be”.