3 Year Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary

Hello folks.

I don’t usually write a blog in the middle of the week but I am rolling with ideas at the moment so just wanted to give this a go.

I was inspired to write this blog from a fellow blogger who had a blog called Seven Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog.

It got me thinking about why I started writing a blog in the first place.

If you saw my home page and looked on the right hand section, there is a long list in the Archive section so you can see that I’ve been writing blogs for quite a while.

This was the first blog I wrote.

At the time there were a few reasons I started a blog and looking back at it, it’s has been a good decision that I have pursued over.

At the time back in November 2013, I finished university and had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of what to jobs to look at and I didn’t have a plan. My only thing going at the time was to write a blog. These are my reasons of why I started blogging. ENJOY ūüôā

Develop my writing skills

I thought a good way of developing my writing skills is to write blogs on a consistent basis I¬†would like to point out that¬†I don’t come from a journalism background but it doesn’t prevent me from entering the world of writing. A blog can be a film review, a poem, something you have brought, somewhere you visited or just a collection of photographs. It doesn’t have to be long either.

Get Marketable

Similar to my writing skills, I want to become marketable, get myself out there in the blogging community and worldwide is what I am trying to say.¬†You can’t be a great blogger overnight, it takes a few blogs to get noticed.

Got Inspired To Write

I want to get myself out there for people to hear my story. I felt inspired to express my opinions and to inspire others to share their own blogs and stories. So why not share this with people in the way of writing? There was one particular instance that I wanted to  write. Before I taken up blogging, I noticed that a friend was writing a blog and shared it on Facebook about her time in Norway, this encouraged me to write a blog myself because if she can do it then I can also.

This isn’t publicity, I’m not bothered by how many likes I get if I share my blog on their or put it on Twitter, it’s just me expressing my story so that family, friends and relatives or just strangers in this world can look into my life through the looking glass and can appreciate a work of writing as well as keeping up-to-date with how I’m getting on with life.

To gain a social interaction

I’m just a little surprised that no one close to me has gone the same route, I have contacted bloggers who I only communicate through their blogs¬†or just by an online conversation on WordPress. On WordPress, there is a post called the Community Pool where you can simply¬†submit a new post and ask for feedback. I found this a great way to interact with bloggers¬†that share a love and passion for writing and then to keep in touch with bloggers soon after. On the Community Pool, I particularly help those users who are blogging for the first time and just give them constructive feedback.

At the end of the day, I’m here to write but also support others. I found this enjoyable because it is informal and it’s not pressurised. If anyone has any feedback, simply send your post on the comments section and I can always look at it for you and pass along feedback ūüôā

The main thing is, I don’t speak a lot but WRITE a lot lol.

Sharing my views across

If you’ve seen my first blog, It’s obvious that you would have seen that I have a huge enthusiasm for cricket. Over the past few blogs, I am passionate about¬†various¬†topics I write about.

I have a range of topics ranging from Music, Television, Sports, History and Attractions.

Ok that might just be four topics but BIG topics none the less, there is also life stories.


Ok, that’s probably enough from me.

To sum up really, I have up to this point published 72 posts. I am quite happy that I have published a considerable number of posts,

For me it’s more about the quality of my blogs rather than¬†how many I write as long as it is relevant to put up.

I have drafted up blogs that are in the pipeline at the moment so in case you don’t see my posts that I share across the social media. You can use the Follow button that will allow you to receive my blogs as soon as it gets published.

Tips for Newbies

If you aren’t a blogger and want to blog but you don’t know what to write about, I would encourage you to write a blog called “Five Things I learnt from reading a blog” and then link my post to your profile.

Alternatively, you could write about:

  • A film view,
  • Something you brought
  • A holiday/vacation you went on
  • A reaction to BREXIT or TRUMP becoming president

It doesn’t have to be a written post either. It can be just a short video or an audio clip.

Hope you found this article informative, hope to go on for many years to come.


Optimistic and Hopeful

Optimistic and Hopeful



This weekend …….

How would I describe it?

It’s been thrilling really.

Loads have happened.

  • AC Milan winning 4-1 away against Empoli
  • The Lakers got back to winning ways against Atlanta Hawks
  • Started my first day volunteering at V&A

Just want to start off by saying that I am delighted with getting offered a permanent job, it has taken about three years to have an employer say “I offer you this position”. I instantly accepted the position, it didn’t take long to come to that¬†conclusion. I am yet to hear a starting date but I hope the verbal agreement comes to a written agreement.

Having said that, I am a little disappointed that this event has occurred at an unfortunate time. It is part of life that we make our own sacrifices. As part of accepting the position, I am going to no longer be working with the Church of England on an ongoing project that will last till June next year, I started the work beginning of September, even though I have been there for the best period of three months, I have learnt a lot and developed my skills that I can use and take onto my future employment. I was able to learn how to coordinate a team, written loads of professional emails, booked and arranged meetings, taking minutes etc. I was also supposed to start volunteering with Imperial War Museums, I conducted the training a fortnight ago so it’s just unfortunate about the timing. I may do a small amount of volunteering before I start.

The only voluntary work that hasn’t been affected is the weekend work I’ve started at V&A. I am a highly ambitious and want to face bigger challenges and to a busier environment. In fact, the V&A was very busy indeed this past Saturday. I started the past Saturday and it brought a few challenges. The first challenge¬†which was obvious at the time¬†was that I hadn’t been a regular visitor at the V&A so I started off getting lost finding the main entrance. I then met a volunteer who originally comes from Italy who showed me round the behind the scenes areas. I had to think off my feet some of the times when visitors were approaching for directions but that is basically what is expected. I was left to¬†wonder around the V&A for the duration of an hour¬†which was a good experience. I was wandering through the rooms and going to various staircases just to get a general idea of which is which, the whole museum is¬†a complete maze. If you are ever going to the V&A or a museum of that magnitude I would suggest buying a map lol. During my time wondering around, I introduced myself to some of the staff and they were very nice. I browsed around the Underwear exhibition, although I’m not really into much fashion, it was quite nice seeing the exhibition. The advantage of working in the V&A is that I can get access to the exhibitions that the V&A hold in the main museum. I will look to see if I can get a sniff of getting to see the Pink Floyd exhibition when it starts in May next year. But that is why I’m just glad to be associated¬†with the V&A,¬†because I want to see what is out there, learn from the best and build¬†a network of contacts from there.



One thing I’m not going to do is settle on my laurels. Just because I’ve been offered a permanent job, that’s it isn’t it? Well both internally and externally I will be looking for opportunities to prosper. I have been fortunate in my voluntary work is have a whole set of skills, that it’s both valuable to myself and the organisations I work in.

Time for my recommended song of the week:

I have chosen On Fire by Luke Bond feat Roxanne Emery. If you don’t know already, I am a big fan of Gareth Emery.¬†The reason why I chose this song, I just love trance songs but when I first heard it, it sounded amazing and¬†couldn’t get enough of the track. I have repeated this song twice just as I am writing.


Hope you enjoyed my blog and if you have any feedback share it below ………….

Like Fire in the Rain

Like Fire in the Rain

Yes, the topic I will be discussing is Fire in the Rain.

This is just an off topic random thing I just thought of.

Fire in the Rain seems like an oxymoron to me.

On one side you have Fire which seems to be unstoppable or hard to control. Then again,¬†Fire can be used in a figure of speech where they speak positively about having the¬†passion, drive or desire to achieve something or then again “Joe is on fire¬†today”, so it can be referred to

Then the other side you have Rain, Rain reminds me of sorrow and feeling miserable. The first thing that came to mind when I thought of rain just now was the weather at the start of the film called Girl from Rio. Hugh Laurie who plays a banker in the film has to endure miserable London weather before setting off to sunny Rio.

The funny thing is this entire post is not meant to be talking about the weather lol. It refers to a cool and amazing adventure I had with an irish girl (which I will discuss later on in this blog).

The title of this blog refers to a song lyric by Mans Zelmerlow, (he is one of my favourite artists to listen to).


So the music video starts off with a young ambitious male traveller (like myself) who wants to explore the world on his own, he appears frustrated or disappointed because he has no one to share his ambitions with. Then, he sits inside the cafe and a girl stops just outside and offers him a lift on her motorbike (or scooter) and hop on to an adventure and fall in love. Then it ends with the traveller waiting outside her apartment (or pretty much stalking her) and it ends up with the girl flying away.

I’m not downbeat on the whole experience, I know that LOVE will comeback to me at the right moment¬†and hope to connect with the RIGHT person.

The GIRL won’t know how lucky she will be.

On that note, I thought the song below felt romantic.





Where To Begin

Where To Begin

I’m not really sure Where To Begin. This was a blog that I was meant to publish over a month ago. Here it goes:

  • I’ve heard back from V&A but the process is taking agies to sort out.

I recently joined Match (dating site) to find a match to try again. The most important thing is not give up on hope these days. Things happen for a reason so I am going to get back on my feet and start again. I’ve not been offered a permanent job for over three years. I can see that people are giving up on me, I can just tell by their body language.

I’ve had a number of job interviews, the most notable one was the one at Wembley Stadium, it was my first opportunity to visit the stadium and I would have loved to work there in some capacity.

My birthday is in a month’s time, set your clocks for that. I have no real major plans for it but I am planning on buying three football shirts that represent the teams I support with my name on the back of it.

Congrats to England Cricket team for winning against Bangladesh in the ODI series, it is a tough situation to be in but I think England’s decision to go to Bangladesh should entice fellow countries to go on the same path. My prediction was that I hoped England will go out and win the test series but it turned out to be 1-1. It should prepare them well for the next tour of India. I would have loved to have the opportunity to visit India for the test series because I am quite fond of cricket myself. It is going to be in my upcoming bucket list.

In my earlier post this year, I mentioned my love of Craig David. He has a good vibe going right now. I love his version of Fill Me In 2016. I just find out the title for that song, I won’t spoil it for you guys. Just sampling his album called ‘Following My Intuition’ on iTunes, I love ‘Ain’t Giving Up’ (it’s very chilled and surprised it’s short), ‘When The Baseline Drops’, ‘One More Time’ and ‘Like A Fan’. I particularly like the next song I put on my blog and the song is nothing I’ve heard in a long time. But again, Craig David is a GENIUS.

I love listening to current music as a whole (apart from country). I literally put on faces¬†when listening to music before the 80s, it’s a different timeframe of music back then so I respect that. Although when I was watching UFC 203, I liked listening to Mickey Gall’s entrance music of ‘Hey Mickey’, it can be addictive.




Daily Prompt: Volunteer

Daily Prompt: Volunteer

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

So this is my take on a volunteer:

  • A volunteer is someone who wants to make a difference and inspire others to go the same road.
  • A volunteer is someone who does a great gesture in giving up their time and effort¬†to¬†help the local community.
  • A volunteer is someone who wants to rake all the¬†benefits out of the organisation.
  • A volunteer is someone who can appeal to all ages and to all backgrounds.


Through volunteering, it has allowed me to go to organisations which I wouldn’t have thought of had existed. It has allowed me to get opportunities to gained new skills, build my experience. Right now, I am working on a funded project so I am quite excited about that.

If I can elaborate on the organisations point, I never thought for one second that I would have been accepted as a volunteer in V&A, English Heritage and IWM. Gosh. I feel so speechless to talk about it. It is important for every individual to not dismiss whatever opportunity comes along. Whether it’s just a small business or an organisation that is of international scale. It has certainly helped me be the person that I am today so I don’t everyone that reads this assume that volunteering isn’t boring. It’s truly about enjoyment, getting yourself out the door and use it as a motivation because you never know what those decisions can have or lead to.






Start of October 2016

Start of October 2016

Hello folks.

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve had a busy few weeks, a few things have happened:

(In Bullet Points)

Middlesex have won the County Cricket title for the first time in over 23 years. I wish I could have been at Lords on the day it happened.

AC Milan won in the last¬†weekend 4-3 against Sassuolo. I’m quite happy with them, young and exciting team particularly with Donnarumma and Romagnoli.

Man United haven’t been doing so well, quite disappointed in that respect but United runs in my heart, as Kobe Bryant said in his time with the Lakers, you have to stick through the club through the good and bad times. Important thing for United is to stick together and just believe in themselves. However, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid draw at home as well so stop nip picking at United.

I had job interviews at Westminster Abbey and IWM, although I wasn’t successful with the applications, I was humbled and grateful to be there. I didn’t expect to get the roles although I did say to myself¬†if I was offered both, it would have been pretty hard to choose.

I have been busy volunteering in two tourist attractions in Hyde Park called Wellington Arch and Apsley House.

Even tho it’s a dull time to be carrying this out because the summer season has just gone, I have enjoyed every minute so far but there is a serious side to carrying this out.

I’m carrying out this out for a variety of reasons, I have my sights on working for English Heritage so this is a foot in the door, this work I’m doing will help me prepare me for the Visitor Experience position at V&A (at this moment I’m not sure whether it’s confirmed), I want to show before starting at V&A that I have confidence¬†in visitor interaction. I am also doing it to get a scope of the role of Visitor Assistants, I have learnt myself that the role is challenging. I haven’t found the work easy because I don’t know much about English Heritage nor anything specific about Wellington Arch or Apsley. Before I visited these places, I haven’t been to Hyde Park so I don’t particularly know the area that well so there are a few things to learn. It is a learning process.

I would definitely recommend going to both sites. Wellington Arch used to be a police station at one time and was originally built as the entrance to Buckingham Palace. I do volunteer at Wellington Arch on a morning shift and its so nice because its quiet and you get to enjoy the views of London. What I like or enjoy most about carrying out the work in the morning is that there is a specific ceremony called the “Changing of the Guard” where you get to see the calvary on horseback¬†go through London, it’s pretty nice and that’s why I consider London one of the greatest cities in the world because there is something for everyone. At Wellington Arch, I basically look after the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ exhibition and¬†be a point of contact for visitors.


When I’m doing my volunteering in Apsley House, it is similar but different. I’m based just by the entrance of the House so when visitors come in, I guide them where they need to go to buy tickets. It’s quite challenging role to do because you get visitors coming in and out and I have to set up the audio packs for visitors. It was particularly challenging in the first two shifts, it wasn’t easy by any means. In my first shift, I had to pick up things right away from the previous person, I was alone in the role¬†and spent all the three hours standing upright so I was on my feet the whole time. It was kind of stressful at the beginning because I’m not been used to that environment but with those situations I didn’t encounter any difficult visitors or situations so that was pleasing to get that under my belt.

On my third shift, I got the opportunity to see what it was like as a visitor and explore Apsley House, I had not had the opportunity to actually to look at the whole house at that point of time. I had roughly forty¬†good minutes (which isn’t a lot) to explore the house and¬†so I made the most of it and it’s a good incentive to come back again and learn more about the House itself. I won’t reveal any spoilers but it’s a lovely house to visit in Central London and I only have until the end of this month to work there because they are closing the house for conservation.

I was very humbled to have had the opportunity to go out for a tasteful meal¬†and celebrate¬†uncle’s and aunt’s ruby wedding anniversary. It was a good time to catch up with family and relatives. It’s a tremendous achievement, I don’t know when I will get married, I’ve not had a real relationship so the idea of thinking or planning a wedding right now is laughable. But to be honest I do have personal goals. Ideally it would be nice to get married before the age of 30,¬†if money wasn’t an issue, I would have my wedding in London itself, have my reception at Draper’s Hall with classical music playing in the background or have it in some posh establishment. The thought does annoy me of how many people get divorced, these days I hear more about celebrities getting divorced than married, (that idea is laughable). It goes to show folks that MONEY doesn’t give you everything, money does buy happiness but it’s not reliant or only dependant on money itself.


Well,¬†having said that,¬†I don’t have that many contacts or relevant people who I chat or talk to. I had a negative experience one time on my 18th birthday where I was supposed to go out for a meal and two of best mates at the time failed to show up, the people that did come were cool and everything but they weren’t the great or the best¬†and I have¬†lived with that as a scar and so¬†I would be wary of who I would invite, obviously family members are a MUST but in terms of friends, I do have a best mate but apart from that no one sticks out but my point is I would want to invite people that do CARE rather than don’t because it just takes the biscuit. People or colleagues that I have volunteered with would be great people to have on the day.

This is my music video of the blog. It’s such a beautiful video, it should be nominated in the MTV Video Awards because the scenery is breathtaking.

Take A Chance

Take A Chance

Hey everyone.

Welcome to my usual blog entry.

I’ve had a busy start of the week so far.

As I mentioned last week, in case you missed it, I went to the London Museum Awards ceremony. Fond times.

If you haven’t seen my LinkedIn page yet, I think it is worth checking out. I’ve updated it a bit, if any employers are reading this and think “Oh I need that sort of person” then don’t hesitate to contact me because sometime soon someone will take a chance. I might as well put on a classic hit “Take A Chance On Me” by ABBA below if you change your mind.

Being unemployed is bothering me a bit, when I was at an interview in the Museum of London, it did bother me because I go for jobs that I don’t have 100% of the skills/experience that they are looking for. There isn’t much I can do about it. When I apply for jobs such as this, I don’t think twice when writing the application or sitting down in the interview. I don’t hold it as a regret, I’m just trying to get my foot in the door and challenge myself. But having said that, even though it is not the total fit am I supposed to ignore the opportunity? Absolutely not. What can I do tho if the right job doesn’t come along? If I take a job that will get me miserable like the one I wrote about last year, then the job will control me and I don’t want that. Let’s just see what happens ……….

I have been at the Order of St John for nearly a year which is surprising and unthinkable. Has it been a year already? I wouldn’t have thought that.

If I do continue to go unemployed then it will affect me positively and negatively. In a negative sense, I won’t be earning money, not earning money means I can’t impress any girls and I my conversations on social visits will be low-key. Having said that, I am keeping busy with various volunteer opportunities to improve the skills/experience I am lacking. I am going to be starting a project very soon which will enable to get project experience as well as organising two major events (I didn’t think I would be looking at a path of managing events). I am wanting to look at broadening my experience at English Heritage and IWM. Whatever happens, even if I get offered a five-day job, I will be looking at keeping my Saturday shift at V&A.

On a side note, I was watching the UFC 203 the past weekend. I was sad about Joanne Calderwood losing, although she is Scottish, I root for people who come from the British Isles just like I cheer on Andy Murray, I don’t see there being a problem of an English gentleman rooting for Scots? I have total respect for Mickey Gall. He has got me glued to his theme song “Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil. But he just dominated the fight against CM Punk, I wanted to watch the fight because Mickey was getting a lot of attention because I was watching the Looking for a Fight series on the UFC’s YouTube page. I follow the WWE so I could not watch Punk make his debut, I totally respect Punk for having the guts to pursue a different career path, if anyone was offered that opportunity, I doubt many would turn it down. Since I’ve been following UFC for a number of months now, I like,¬†respect and admire Fabricio Werdum because he is heavyweight that has a great ground submission game, he conducts himself greatly both in and out of the¬†octagon. I will be looking forward to his rematch against Stipie, should be a cracker. I didn’t respect Alastair Overeem that much at the end of the fight, he claimed Stipie tapped out at the end of the bout and there wasn’t any evidence to prove that, it caught me off guard and it was clear Overeem didn’t take the result well.

I will be looking forward to watching the main event of UFC 204 between Bisping and Hendo. Should be a great match, there is a massive story and history there. I seen the last UFC that Bisping won the title against Luke Rockhold. I was ecstatic on the night and proud of Bisping representing the Brits. At the same night, Hendo won against Victor Lombard with a vicious elbow. I hope Bisping does Britain proud on the night and wins, Bisping is a great ambassador for Britain in MMA and I am exceptionally proud because he reminds me of Andy Murray in the sense that he is carrying the sport on his own back. My prediction would be that Bisping won’t KO Hendo but I think he will stick to his strengths and will go five rounds just like he did against the Anderson Silva fight.

Got two interviews coming up later this week so I’m preparing for that.

Laters guys.