Day 3 – Weekend Break in Dublin

Day 3 – Weekend Break in Dublin

Hello everyone, this is my long-awaited blog series exploring what I got up to on my travels in Dublin.

Of each day of my trip, I will be writing a blog about my unforgettable journey in Dublin.

If you haven’t already seen my previous blog of Day 2 of my trip then please feel free to read the blog and pass on your comments.

So here is the last part of my trip to Dublin.

Before we set off for breakfast, we packed our luggage making sure we got everything we need before we left the hotel room for the last time.

After we both checked out of the hotel and got our stuff together, we made our way to Heuston station and we got the tram that took us straight to Connolly station. In various ways, I wasn’t really feeling emotional about leaving Dublin at that point so I took things in a good stride.

After getting off at Connolly, our original intention was to head to Dunboyne, pick up the car from there which would take us to the Castle itself. With that plan in mind, I got a ticket from the self-ticket machine. I was relying and trusting on my friend’s judgement.

I got a ticket to Dunboyne but we ended up waiting for a train to Malahide instead, I had the awkward moment scenario of explaining to the station desk assistant at Malahide station that I was a British tourist and I purchased the incorrect ticket.

Once we got to Malahide train station, I immediately knew where I was going as I looked on Google Maps to familiarise myself with the area before I set off on the trip and also there were signs pointing where the Castle was.

We found the pathway to the Castle, we went past Malahide Cricket Club and walked through some woodland which was around a 10-15 walk. The disappointing thing was we both carried our heavy luggage with us which I wouldn’t recommend.

We got to the entrance and then set off to the Castle itself. We then had a guided tour of the Castle, I was disappointed to see a label that most of the original items had been auctioned off. I felt the tour was below average, I wasn’t overly satisfied as half of it consisted of the person giving a tour and us the visitors browsing around various rooms. I was disappointed that there wasn’t much written out about the paintings or furniture. The tour guide went into brief details about the significance of the castle.


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It didn’t look like I was entering and leaving the castle with the opinion that it wasn’t very big. I actually thought the Gardens were bigger the castle itself.

So me and my friend went over to visit the Gardens, for me the Gardens was disappointing, the grass hadn’t been cut to a reasonable standard and there was no real pattern behind the lawn, there were leaves in the lawn as well so it did look about average.


I just think that to understand her perspective, trains aren’t so frequent in Dublin and that she wanted to catch the earliest train as possible. I would have needed to buy another ticket to pass through the gates at the time, there was about 10 seconds from me behind the gate to reaching the platform so I didn’t have a chance really.

I was fortunate that I had my Dublin travel pass on me, without that I would have phoned for a taxi to get to the airport so I used the pass to get a bus from Malahide to Dublin Airport.

When I reached Dublin Airport bus station, I came across a church/chapel around the Airport. I spent sometime there praying and mourning.

I arrived at Dublin Airport Terminals around 2pm and my flight wasn’t till 17:40 so I had a few hours to spare. In that time, I charged my phone and begun writing what I recalled on Days 1, 2 & 3 of my trip.

In overall reflection, although the final day wasn’t as good as I thought. I fondly enjoyed my time of visiting Dublin, I’m glad I went over, I have no regrets about the duration of the visit, I thought a three-day visit was reasonable enough. I didn’t do as much as I thought but my main highlight was visiting Dublin Castle which was the main thing that was ticked off.


I accomplished many things like travelling as a solo traveller, spending some nights away from family and getting the luxury of staying in a four star hotel was great as well. The whole experience was very scary indeed. When I got back to Heathrow, I was returning to my normal life and I was glad to be back safe and sound.